Calcetines altos Moujik

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Calcetines de tinycottons.

Plazo de entrega: 4-5 días aproximadamente.

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Calcetines de tinycottons.

  • Material: 78% algodón, 20% poliamida, 2% elastano.
  • Color: blanquecino.
  • Detalles:
    • Base blanca.
  • Instrucciones de cuidados:
    • Lavar a máquina en frío.
    • No usar secadora.
    • No usa blanqueador.
    • Colgar para secar.
    • No planchar.
    • No lavar en seco.

Plazo de entrega: 4-5 días aproximadamente.

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Tinycottons, durabilidad y diseño para los más pequeños

Tinycottons es una marca infantil imaginativa y espontánea.

La firma, fundada en 2012 en Barcelona, destaca por la funcionalidad de sus prendas.

Además, para tinycottons la durabilidad es esencial.

¡Descubre la nueva colección SS17, ‘Tribute‘!


‘We start this collection with a clear focus, FRIENDSHIP … from there we start searching for the perfect meaning or FRIENDSHIP expression, easily came to our minds dogs, isn`t this the best expression for friendship ? Isn`t  this the most pure friendship, the man and the dog?

“the language of friendship is not words, but meanings” 

Henry David Thoreau

Since we admire deeply Saint Laurent`s work, and he was inlove with his dog MOUJIK, we brought their friendship on board, Paris during the 70`s, Yves and his loyal friend, a little french bulldog, inspired by this special relationship and moved by the unconditional love, we pay our own tiny tribute to friendship, love and art.

” I am as they say, a dog person. That is, that I live with him completely. Night and day. When I travel, i take him with me and when I can`t, to England for example, i stay home … “

– Ives Saint Laurent

Welcome to our summer “TRIBUTE” … to all that matters.’

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